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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 being a fly in the air duct reminded everyone else of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids,” right? Chelsea the receptionist is studying marketing. And statistics. Why? We do not know. But we applaud her initiative. We like that Marella the fairy just waltzes out of ’s life as easily she entered it. And has now saddled him with four newborns. , justifiably, is anything but pleased. Impressive bit of acting from Michael McMillian, who plays Newlin. Skin-walking seems to draw out the best performances from everyone.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4. . Wow. Let’s just first say is more Machiavellian than we gave him credit for. Appealing to Salome’s pride with his proclamations of loyalty? Coming up with a story about her needing to be the one in charge? Brilliant chess moves there, William. Then ultimately snatching power from her fangs at the lost moment — well done, indeed. So now we have the God. Genuinely creepy, and a genuinely inspired way to the end the . We still don’t know whether is acting — if he usurps Lilith it means that no one can stand in his original goal to mainstream — but given the stealthy stunts he’s pulled over the past several s, we’re going to ume he’s for real this time and power-drunk on his own . We’re also glad the s The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 how has (for now) given up on the redemption-like powers they’ve infused with in the past and realized that a mere mortal isn’t going to derail a power-thirsty vampire who, it must be said, has parted with the emotions that characterized his humanity.

A Tru factory in Texas that supplies more than a quarter of the world's supply of synthetic has exploded. The Authority's work has begun, and the inner circle -- Nora, Salome, , , the Rev. and Russell -- are celebrating with a feast of naked, bound, weirdly hairless, and terrified grown man. Russell asks to say grace, and just as Salome is about to comply, the Rev. offers up his own goofy blessing from his human days. Russell is The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 tickled, but Salome is not amused. And then they all dig in.

Molly, the tech-savvy young vamp, tries to leave the Authority's compound, but her access has been denied. The compound is on lockdown. She's locking up her hardcore-looking suitcase in a cage when approaches; he wants a safe place for them to talk. Molly has enough clearance to douse the security cameras for 30 seconds, and in that time, they The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 try to figure out a way they can escape. Molly's only idea, she says, is stupid and will probably get killed. "Sounds perfect," he says.

confronts about drinking the vampire-deity-laced-Kool-Aid. is having some sort of crisis of faith -- or rather, his crisis is that he finally has some faith. He really believes he saw Lilith, despite 's ertion that the was just laced with some sort of hallucinogen. "What about Sookie?" asks . "Is she just food to you now?" is torn. He hands a pipette -- he'll get Nora's , and will get Salome's , and they'll make their escape.

finds Nora praying before Lilith. He wonders how she can have so much faith in something. Nora says that all she used to care about was rising up through the ranks of the Authority, perhaps one day becoming Guardian, but Salome showed her the path to God by giving her a taste of Salome's and thus blowing her mind. "Believing in The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 something other than yourself doesn't make you weak," she tells . "I don't want to fight you," tells her. "I want to believe. Will you help me?" "Yes." They kiss.

is in Salome's bed, ing her dance. She says she's been chosen to change history, not once, but twice, and has been chosen as well, as Salome's Adam. "We will build a new world together," she tells him. But shows some doubt. "Her is inside you," Salome says. "Let it be your guide." They start having sex, but suddenly he sees in Salome's place, and starts feeding on her. Sookie/Salome moans. When looks down again, has been replaced by a -soaked Lilith, who starts feeding on . Then we're back to Salome. puts his fingers inside his mouth and brings them out, -stained. Mission accomplished ... I think.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 leads Nora toward the elevator, but they find Molly in the lobby. Molly tosses a syringe, and he grabs Nora and injects the contents in her, knocking her out. He uses Nora's finger to access the elevator as shows up. "Ready to get the hell out here?" says, as the elevator doors slide open. Salome is inside with her stormtroopers. They quickly surround and Molly. realizes betrayed him. "I'm doing this for you," says. "We've been chosen by Lilith. This is what God wants." looks around and defangs himself. A weird cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" plays as is led away. and Salome share a smile.

has hired to use his medium skillz to find the creepy spirit thingie that threatened her in her bathroom. "Creepy spirit thingie, why you in Sookie's bathroom?," says. I love that The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 has gotten his mojo back, but is that the whole reason for his visions of a body-less Jesus and his y Mexican weekend? Lot of work for not a heck of a lot of return -- kind of like entire Mavis subplot from last . gets no response from the creepy spirit thingie. wonders whether has reached out to . She's sent him one text, says, pulling out his cell phone: "Bitch, stop texting me or I will eat you." actually perks up at this: Sounds like the old . Suddenly, starts hearing voices in Sookie's bedroom, lots of voices, but he manages to isolate one from Gran: She's glad the fairies are looking out for Sookie, and if she wants to learn more about Warlow, look under her bed.

Under Gran's bed, finds a box with baby pictures, photo albums, and a framed report card The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 of 's -- the only one in which he earned a B. notes that Lynn Dearborne, the former 's wife, was his sixth grade teacher. Okay, I'm starting to regret dismissing that random scene between and Bud a couple of s back. reads a newspaper clipping about her parents' deaths, and finds out that Bud is the deputy who responded to the scene. Maybe that's what Gran wanted find. "Dead folk, why y'all got to be so cryptic?" sniffs.

Meanwhile, , rescued from the Supe Klux Klan house, is at the 's Office. shows up while Kendra is questioning her. She wants them to find -- usually she can sense because she's consumed his , but she's not getting any reading now. Meanwhile, Luna seems to have recovered somewhat from her skinwalking and despite 's protests, she insists on going out The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 looking for the supe-haters. They also say they love each other in the least romantic way possible.

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